Management Team

Badal R. Wadia, President and CEO
Mr. Wadia is the co-founder of CoreCentric Solutions, Inc. and has an extensive background in electrical engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and distribution. Mr. Wadia was elected to this position in May, 2007. Prior to being named President and CEO, Mr. Wadia held the position of Vice President of Operations for the company. Mr. Wadia holds a BSEE degree and an MBA in Marketing and Finance.

Donna Barbic, Vice President, Sales
A 30 year veteran in the Retail and Repair Services industry. Before joining CoreCentric Solutions, Inc., Ms. Barbic was the Director of Global Supply Chain/Mobile Devices for Motorola. Prior to joining Motorola, Ms. Barbic held a range of sales, marketing, business development, and service management positions at LG Electronics, Best Buy and Sears Roebuck and Co. Ms. Barbic holds a B.A. degree in Business.

Angela Novoa, CFO/Vice President, Finance
After her early tenure in Public Accounting, Ms. Novoa has spent over 15 years in the industrial and manufacturing sectors working with companies to improve both their Financial and Operational Processes to positively impact the bottom line. Prior to joining CoreCentric, Ms. Novoa was the Chief Financial Officer of Consolidated Storage Companies/ EQUIPTO, a Private Equity portfolio company. As part of the Executive Team she contributed to leading the Company to increased Sales and EBITDA and was a key participant in creating and managing the Installation Services Division. Prior to EQUIPTO Ms. Novoa held various Controller Positions at privately held, or Private Equity owned companies. Ms. Novoa has a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and is a CPA.

Joe Drake, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development
Mr. Drake, before joining CoreCentric Solutions, Inc., held a variety of positions during his 35 year career in the Product Quality and Service industry. Prior to joining CoreCentric Solutions, Mr. Drake held positions with LG Electronics which included Director of North American Quality and Service, where he assisted in bringing LG appliances into the U.S. Market place. As Regional Service Manager, he worked closely with the U.S. independent service network. Prior to LG, Mr. Drake held numerous service management positions including Director of Service for ABT Electronics, Product Engineer Manager for Sears Roebuck and Co, and National Technical Instructor at the Sears National Training Center.

Christopher Tierney, Vice President, Operations
Mr. Tierney has over 25 years of experience in the consumer electronics and appliance service and repair parts supply industry. Prior to joining CoreCentric Solutions, Inc., he held two positions at LG Electronics, Alabama, Inc. as Director of Field Service and Director of Parts. Before joining LG Electronics, Mr. Tierney held several management positions during his 20 years with Panasonic Services Company, the last being Director of Service Operations. Mr. Tierney holds a BBA degree from Ohio University.