Sustainability Drives Everything We Do

Each year, millions of home appliances, parts and consumer goods are disposed of in the United States.

At CoreCentric Solutions, we’re committed to helping reduce those numbers through the repair, remanufacture and return to service of appliances and appliance parts. In 2017 alone, we recovered more than two million parts and 700,000 products. And we won’t stop there.

We are continually analyzing and inventing new ways to extend the lifecycle of parts and products by collecting, remanufacturing, fixing and returning them to the marketplace. We regularly share our findings on reoccurring parts failures with our clients in order to help them produce longer-lasting appliances and household products and parts in the future.

It all supports a sustainable economy and makes the world a better place.

Sustainable to Our Core

Sustainability is the positive effect of our business model. But, beyond what we already do, we’re committed to sustainability in these ways.

100% renewable power for all of our U.S.-based operations

Increase our recovery of waste materials by 20% by 2021


Reduce our waste produced by 20% by 2021

Going Beyond Repair for a Better Tomorrow

We’re proud to say our engineering processes empower high recovery rates – more than 70% on products and nearly 100% on parts.

When it simply isn’t possible to restore a product or part, we work closely with our third-party recycling partners to ensure as much of that material is recycled as possible. It’s just part of our ongoing effort to do our part for a better tomorrow – and annually those efforts help keep more than 3,000 tons of material out of landfills.

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