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Thousands of professional service technicians rely on CoreCentric Solutions every day for quick delivery of the highest quality appliance parts and components. Whether through our dedicated customer service team or via our e-commerce platform, we provide access to an unmatched product supply at unbeatable prices – all covered by industry-leading warranties.

We Help Keep your Customers Happy

Return for Repair Service

Searching for appliance parts that are no longer available?

We offer repair service on more than 10,000 appliance component parts – breathing new life into older controls and parts so you can serve your clients better. We deliver:

Same-day repairs in most cases

98% success rate on repairs


Three-year warranty

Remanufactured Parts

When fixing a part isn’t possible, the largest inventory of remanufactured parts in the industry available are at your fingertips. CoreCentric Solutions’ remanufactured parts are often better than the original ones because we remanufacture the part to meet the most current specifications, addressing known failure points to ensure the highest quality product possible.

Here are convincing reasons to stock your shelves with our remanufactured parts:

  • Cost savings of 20%-50% over OEM-produced parts
  • One-year warranty – our competitors only offer a 90-day guarantee
  • 2,500+ parts in our huge inventory


Access More Parts through Core Collection

Managing the collection and storage of outdated, expired or unused appliances and appliance parts is a challenge for every wholesaler. Rid yourself of that challenge by participating in our Core Collection program.

After parts move through our rigorous remanufacturing process, they become available for you to sell to your customers. This increased availability and access to parts means you can better meet the needs of your customers – translating to greater revenue and customer satisfaction for you.

Less clutter and more money – that’s a win-win CoreCentric can help deliver.


Simply follow these steps:

Display our Core Collection boxes in your shop for your staff and customers to use

Collect outdated/expired parts like circuit boards, timers, gear cases, ice makers and more

Pack any unwanted materials in a spare box when your Core Collection box is full and ship it to us

 All freight costs are paid by CoreCentric with the use of our pre-paid shipping label. Best of all, we’ll credit your account for the core materials you send to us.

Interested in a Core Collection box for your shop? Need more pre-paid shipping labels? Contact us today.

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