As an industry leader in product renewal and reverse logistics, CoreCentric Solutions will help you capture hidden value, increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your business.

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If you need a hard-to-find component, CoreCentric Solutions is your answer. We remanufacture electronic controls and electro-mechanical parts for consumer products ranging from major appliances to fitness equipment, and many items in between. Our high-quality parts meet – and often exceed – original product manufacturer specifications.


Our top-notch repair service teams precisely fix broken parts and quickly get them back to you, usually within two days. We move beyond the identified repair to look for known failure points and fix those too. Our work is backed by an industry-leading, three-year warranty on all Return for Repair parts.


Managing returned products can be a time-consuming stress for manufacturers and retailers alike. That’s where CoreCentric Solutions’ expertise in reverse logistics meets your needs. Let us manage every step of the returns process for you. We’ll turn potential losses back into profits and protect your valued brand.


Managing and storing unused or expired parts and appliances is a daunting task. We have the space to keep the inventory – visit our 350,000-square-foot warehouse – and the know-how to get parts and products restored and back into the economy with our Core Collection program.

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