Core Collection

Access More Parts through Core Collection

“Core” is a critical part of our business name for a reason.

We remanufacture everything from circuit boards to ice makers and gear cases. And our 350,000-square-foot facility allows us to store the largest number of renewed core components in the industry.

It’s all done to help our clients have access to quality working parts, as well as help reduce clutter in their workspaces created by housing distressed inventory. We keep the parts supply chain in motion.

Core Collection Sites Throughout the U.S.

We offer core collection drop-off sites around the country. Click on the map below to get the address of your nearest location.

Do a world of good 

Our Core Collection program extends the life cycle on current as well as outdated, expired and unwanted parts and appliances – keeping those items out of landfills and contributing toward a better tomorrow for our environment. When you participate in the program, you’re not only increasing the availability of remanufactured parts – you’re doing a world of good.

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