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CoreCentric Team Celebrates Earth Day

Apr 22, 2021

The senior leadership team at CoreCentric Solutions hosted a series of lunch hour presentations to educate team members on the history and purpose behind Earth Day, a global event focused on activism in support of positive environmental practices throughout the world.  In addition to learning more about Earth Day, the team members celebrated their role in directly helping the environment, a byproduct of the company’s commercial sustainability mission and activities supporting a circular economy.  In 2020, CoreCentric Solutions achieved the following:

  • 7.8M pounds of miscellaneous scrap recycled.
  • 1M pounds of plastics recycled.
  • 247,000 pounds of fan motors recycled.
  • 125,000 appliance controls remanufactured.
  • 1.5M product returns managed responsibly.

These accomplishments substantially reduced the amount of waste sent to landfills in 2020.  “We are proud of our company’s 26-year history as an environmentally-friendly business with a mission that supports the circular economy through remanufacturing which we believe aligns with the principles promoted each year by environmental leaders in support of Earth Day activism” said John Lingon, Senior Vice-President of Commercial Development.

Team members in the Carol Stream, IL headquarters and production plant along with associates in the company’s India location participated in these educational events and celebrated the company’s environmental contributions.

Employees signing their Earth Day Pledge 

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